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Trout Fishing 23 Aug 2009

Went out onto Rotorua yesterday, first time for many months.
The day started cloudy with a slight chop on the water. Launched my wee boat at Hamurana and noticed that the lake was very high, must be all that rain.
Out with a clown lure and tried in front of the stream, nothing. Motored down to the 'Pins' and tried there, threw a selection of lures out, brownie, rotorua special, traffic light, clown and nada.

Rotorua Trout Fishing

This weekend (6/12/08) I was up early and on the water at about 6am again at Hamurana. I again trolled down towards ‘The pins’ trolling my trafficlight setup. In the similar spot as last week I got a very solid hit that just took line. I killed the motor and started to play the fish. It stayed down deep and kept making good solid runs.

Fishing on Rotorua

I ventured out on to Lake Rotorua last saturday morning (29/11/08) from the Ngongotaha boat ramp. Sadly it was not a good morning fishing, as I only manged to catch weed. So the next morning I was up early and went out to the Hamurana boat ramp by the stream. Conditions were good and I managed to land my first fish by 6:30, but it was way too small so was released.

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