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Trout Fishing 29 May 2009

Went out fishing off Hamurana yesterday afternoon. On the water about 3:30, 1 other boat out. From the Internet the wind at the airport was N, but once I was on the water was SW.

I have set up an 'extra' steering arm on my outboard, runs parallel to the tiller arm, but under the seat and just touches the floor. It had a nylon skin on the front and this allows me to make any corrections in the steering with my foot whilst I am fishing and keeps my hand free for rigging line, etc.

Trout Fishing 21 Feb 2009

Sparrows farted as well as a little rain first thing this morning. She who must be obeyed got up early and organised food and breakfast (Thanks Hon) and I hit the road to meet up with fishing mate Bearfoot Mike at about 6:30am at Hamurana.

Trout Fishing 25 Jan 2009

I have not managed to get out fishing as often as I like because of the direction of the wind. So last friday I decided to try an afternoon fish. I left home about 3:00pm and headed around to the Hamurana ramp that I use. There were about 5 or 6 fly fisherman working the stream mouth as well as a few boats out.

I had promised to be home by about 6:00pm so I had about 2 hrs of fishing time. Sadly nothing to take home, but I got a very good hard hit, lost one at the boat and return one because it was undersize.

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