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Trout Fishing 25 Jan 2009

I have not managed to get out fishing as often as I like because of the direction of the wind. So last friday I decided to try an afternoon fish. I left home about 3:00pm and headed around to the Hamurana ramp that I use. There were about 5 or 6 fly fisherman working the stream mouth as well as a few boats out.

I had promised to be home by about 6:00pm so I had about 2 hrs of fishing time. Sadly nothing to take home, but I got a very good hard hit, lost one at the boat and return one because it was undersize.

In hindsite I should have gone out about 5:00 and fished through to about 7:30 and will try that the next time that I decide to do an afternoon fish.

Sunday morning I awoke to no wind and decided to give Hamurana another try. I was a little late at leaving and got on the water at about 8:00am. There were many boats out with about 6 working in front of the stream mouth and a few down at the pins.

I trolled down towards the pins using my deep water express rig with a dark fly as a teaser and the brownie lure. It was a little like Queen Street in Auckland with all of the boats around me. Conditions were very pleasant, now wind and the sun hiding behind a bit of cloud, not too hot.

I landed three fish in about 20mins, two I kept and the third I returned. The fish were not big but I needed fresh fish for the smoker. They were caught in me usual spot about halfway down towards the pins. I continued to troll to the pins and did a couple of turns there, but no strikes.

At one stage there looked like about 8 or 9 boats working in front of the Hamurana Stream with another 6 boats at the pins. At about 10:00am I headed back to the ramp and was stopped by the Fishing and Game Inspector for the normal check of licence and measure of fish caught.

I have ‘borrowed’ an 8hp Yamaha outboard from my brother in aw and that enables me to quickly move from one spot to another. It runs very quiet and makes for a very nice few hours on the water. I just need to hook in to some bigger fish.

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