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Trout Fishing 23 Aug 2009

Went out onto Rotorua yesterday, first time for many months.
The day started cloudy with a slight chop on the water. Launched my wee boat at Hamurana and noticed that the lake was very high, must be all that rain.
Out with a clown lure and tried in front of the stream, nothing. Motored down to the 'Pins' and tried there, threw a selection of lures out, brownie, rotorua special, traffic light, clown and nada.

I could see one boat at the island and one boat at the channel and no sign of any others, was ready to motor over to the channel when that boat moved off to Ngongotaha.

Sun came out late morning and chop dropped off to flat calm. Motored back to Hamurana, and tried again including toby's, not a touch.

Time to call it quits, so back to the ramp. I talked with a local there and he said it was very hard fishing. My comment was that we need to be on the water to catch a fish.

I will give it a try again next weekend.

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