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Trout Fishing 21 Feb 2009

Sparrows farted as well as a little rain first thing this morning. She who must be obeyed got up early and organised food and breakfast (Thanks Hon) and I hit the road to meet up with fishing mate Bearfoot Mike at about 6:30am at Hamurana.

The lake was empty of any boats or fisherman other than us two mugs. There was a little discussion on who was fishing what and off we went. I had mentioned to Mike that I had lost the odd fish or two on past trips and he commented back, strange 'I don't get that problem'. Well those were famous last words as he had the first two strikes and lost both fish.

But I did manage to land the next two fish (caught on a clown lure). Not what I would call good fish. Mike performed surgery on the first and it was full of very large smelt. The second fish I released to live another day or two.

'The Pins' got a work out but not a lot of action so we trolled down to the Ohau Channel and gave that a go and I was nice to Mike and allowed him to land his first fish (white and yellow lure).

The weather was not great and the wind was a pain, but we stuck it out for a few hours. We worked through a variety of lures and had a few strikes but nothing stuck before I managed to hit a nice young hen (baby brown lure). It put up a good fight and will be in the smoker for tea tomorrow night.

We struck a little rain at the end of the trip but the canopy kept most off of us.

Mike, thanks for the invite, it was great to finally catch up and even though the fishing was not great the company was.

Tight Lines All.

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