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I have spent a little time 'playing' with a neat program that allows you to create / make your own games. Gamemaker is free to download from
The free version still allows you to create games and convert them to .exe type files so that others can play them. There are many games on the site that can be downloaded and played as well as heaps of tutorials, etc.

I have created some games and you can download them below.


Fix the Holes Click to download the zipped game
There are holes in the floor that need to be fixed. Move the pallets of wood over them to repair.

Hit the Blocks Click to download the zipped game.
This is my version of the 'classic' Breakout style of game. Move the paddle / bat to hit the ball to break the blocks. Different blocks have different effects.

Tower Defence Click to download the zipped game.
This is my twist of the 'classic' Tower Defence type of game. There are two different maps that can be played with an easy and hard version of each.

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