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Fishing on Rotorua

I ventured out on to Lake Rotorua last saturday morning (29/11/08) from the Ngongotaha boat ramp. Sadly it was not a good morning fishing, as I only manged to catch weed. So the next morning I was up early and went out to the Hamurana boat ramp by the stream. Conditions were good and I managed to land my first fish by 6:30, but it was way too small so was released.

I continued to troll towards ‘The Pins’ and about 2 thirds of the way there I hooked a very nice fish. The performance that it put on trying to throw the lure was impressive and many times I thought that I had lost it. I did eventually land a very nice 3 1/2 lb rainbow.

I continued down towards the pins and a few minutes later hooked another that also went nuts trying to throw the lure. I also manged to land that one which was about 2 1/2 lbs. That was my lot for the morning so I headed back to the ramp and then home.

They were hooked on a traffic-light tassie with a small smelt fly about 40cms above it.

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