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Jetboats by Blake

Check out some of my son's jet boats in some videos.

Update 16 Nov 2013

Sadly my health has meant that over the past few years I have done very little fishing. I had a minor stroke and the effects of that hit me when I least expect it. I have not had my boat out for a number of years and only had one opportunity to fish and that was opening day in 2012. My son took me out in his new Jet Boat and I was the only one to land a trout.

I still have hopes that I can build my strength up and get back out on the water.

6.1m Aluminium Jet Boat

This is Blake's 3rd Jet Boat that he has built for him self. The steel boat has been sold, then he built a 3.4M Aluminum one powered by a Subaru and this is No 3.

It is a 6.1M Aluminum with a converted single stage Colorado to a two stage, powered by P76 V8.

Blake's Steel Jet Boat

Here a a few pics of my son's First Jet boat.
He built this himself with no plans, just an idea in his head. It is a steel hull powered by a Falcon 4.1L motor through a 2 stage jet unit.

Trout Fishing 23 Aug 2009

Went out onto Rotorua yesterday, first time for many months.
The day started cloudy with a slight chop on the water. Launched my wee boat at Hamurana and noticed that the lake was very high, must be all that rain.
Out with a clown lure and tried in front of the stream, nothing. Motored down to the 'Pins' and tried there, threw a selection of lures out, brownie, rotorua special, traffic light, clown and nada.

Trout Fishing 29 May 2009

Went out fishing off Hamurana yesterday afternoon. On the water about 3:30, 1 other boat out. From the Internet the wind at the airport was N, but once I was on the water was SW.

I have set up an 'extra' steering arm on my outboard, runs parallel to the tiller arm, but under the seat and just touches the floor. It had a nylon skin on the front and this allows me to make any corrections in the steering with my foot whilst I am fishing and keeps my hand free for rigging line, etc.

Trout Fishing 21 Feb 2009

Sparrows farted as well as a little rain first thing this morning. She who must be obeyed got up early and organised food and breakfast (Thanks Hon) and I hit the road to meet up with fishing mate Bearfoot Mike at about 6:30am at Hamurana.

Trout Fishing 25 Jan 2009

I have not managed to get out fishing as often as I like because of the direction of the wind. So last friday I decided to try an afternoon fish. I left home about 3:00pm and headed around to the Hamurana ramp that I use. There were about 5 or 6 fly fisherman working the stream mouth as well as a few boats out.

I had promised to be home by about 6:00pm so I had about 2 hrs of fishing time. Sadly nothing to take home, but I got a very good hard hit, lost one at the boat and return one because it was undersize.

Trout Fishing 28 Dec 2008

I ventured out on to Lake Rotorua in the morning. I was not has early as I like owing to the body recovering from the xmas food. 7:00am and I was heading out from Hamurana, trolling down to ‘The Pins’. I was using a ‘brownie’ lure with a darkish fly teaser, 30m trace tied to my Deep Water Express which is only about 10m long. About 2/3 rds of the way down I got a strike, not a good solid hit though. There were a few good runs before I managed to get the fish close to the boat but lost it with out seeing it. I got another strike within a couple of minutes but again lost it after one run.

Rotorua Trout Fishing

This weekend (6/12/08) I was up early and on the water at about 6am again at Hamurana. I again trolled down towards ‘The pins’ trolling my trafficlight setup. In the similar spot as last week I got a very solid hit that just took line. I killed the motor and started to play the fish. It stayed down deep and kept making good solid runs.


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